Make your visit to Dunedin special with a tour on Experience Dunedin’s V8 trike.  An Experience Dunedin tour is sure to give you something to tell your friends and family at home about.  It will also make you the envy of the other cruise ship passengers. While your fellow travellers are being packed onto a bus, you will be whisked away in style to enjoy uninterrupted views of Dunedin’s beautiful scenery. The trike is fitted with heated bucket seats and seat belts to make sure that you are comfortable and safe during your tour. 




Cruise Ship PiCk Up And Tour

Tour: 90 minutes

Price: $90 per person

 You will be the envy of all your fellow cruise ship passengers when you are picked up from Port Chalmers, where the cruise ship berths.  This tour takes you into Dunedin along side the West Harbour, after a stop at Dunedin Railway station, New Zealand's most photograph building, you will be taken out on the Peninsula. On the Peninsula you will enjoy stunning views of Dunedin's Beaches and the Otago Harbour. The tour then heads back along the Portobello Road on the eastern side of the Harbour.  The final part of the tour is a 15 minute ride around the city, that includes a description of Dunedin's history and main attractions.  The tour finishes in the city centre, from here you will be free to explore the city.  Shuttles are provided from the centre of town back to your cruise ship for a small fee. 

What a rush!

If you visit Dunedin, especially on a cruise ship, you simply must try this trip. Andrew's 5 seater trike is the best way to see this beautiful area, it offers 360 degrees panoramic views all the time, is nice and cosy in the jackets he provided and his commentary and knowledge of the area is entertaining and enlightening. 
It is a wonderful, exhilarating and breathtaking ride, if we ever return I shall definitely do it again


Peninsula Tour

Tour: 60 minutes

Price: $65 per person for two people, $50 per person for four people.

This tour begins in the City and heads down the Peninsula along Highcliff Road, you will be treated to stunning scenery and amazing views of the Otago Harbour and surrounding beaches. The tour then heads back along the Portobello Road right beside the harbour. The final part of the tour is a 15 minute ride around the city, that includes a description of Dunedin's history and main attractions. There is no better way to take in the sights, sounds and smells of Dunedin than on the back of a V8 trike. Bring your camera this tour provides you with some amazing photo opportunities. 


"Andrew’s trike tour is a must do! Awesome experience & Andrew was an incredible guide, a wealth of interesting information. The ride itself was fantastic, especially the bit heading up and around the Otago Peninsula, a road made for motor bikes! A thrilling ride!"




Tour: 60 minutes

Price: $200 for four people

Take a thrilling ride on the motor way, before enjoying the scenery on the way   to Brighton beach, then enjoy an  exhilarating ride over Saddle Hill, one of Dunedin's most iconic landmarks. This tour gives you fantastic views of Dunedin's coastal beaches and stunning views of the Taieri plans. Minimum of four people on cruise ship days. 



This is without a doubt THE BEST TOUR in Dunedin. Andrew was a great driver and gave us all of the thrills we wanted....we LOVED the sound of that BIG V8 COMBINED WITH THE FEELING OF ACCELERATION!!!